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            Digital Predistortion and Measurement Method

            XING Rongxin  WANG Han  HU Yurong  WEI Liang  CHEN Xiaosong  WU Yongming  
            【摘要】:Digital PreDistortion(DPD) is a very useful method to improve the linearity of Power Amplifiers(PAs) for LTE and upcoming 5 G networks. As the spectrum resources are becoming more and more crowded, and the communications bandwidth are broader, the ACPR(Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio) is very important to communication systems. DPD is one of the useful means for PA to reduce ACPR. This article demonstrates what DPD is and how DPD is achieved, the measurement of the Digital Distortion of a PA using a vector generator and vector analyzer, and the measurement results has been discussed.

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            中國博士學位論文全文數據庫 前2條
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            2 Seyed Alireza Mohadeskasaei;無線通信中高效射頻固態功率放大器研究[D];北京科技大學;2017年
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